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China’s Cleanliness, Silk Road Will Not Use Military Use

Beijing, Reuters. China has clarified that there is no plan to increase its military influence under the New Silk Road (One Belt-One Road) project. He is not working on the plan to build his military base on foreign soil. This is what the Chinese Ministry of Defense has said.

President Xi Chunfing’s Dream Project plans to link Asia with Africa, Europe and road, water and rail. At the international conference in Beijing this month, Chunfing has announced to spend 124 billion dollars (eight lakh crore rupees) on this project. In the conference, he has declared it a project of peace and progress. But India and European countries are worried about China’s project.

India’s apprehensions have been linked to the Gwadar port built in Pakistan. The port developed by China is under control of it. Because of this, he could use his business and military. This is the situation in Sri Lanka’s port. Responding to a question about this, Defense Ministry spokesman Ren Guoqang called this fearless as a base.

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