the highest level of the American stock market, Dow Jones touched the first level of 20,000

new Delhi. The US stock market reached its all-time high on Wednesday’s trading session. The key index Dao Jones touched the figure of 20,000 for the first time According to Indian time, Dao Jones, with an increase of 0.80 percent, has done business at the level of 20072.92 at about 10 o’clock. On the other hand, the Nasdaq (Nasdaq) gained 0.82 per cent at the level of 5647.05 and the S & P 0.69 per cent to trade at 2295.76 level.

The rise in the American stock market on Wednesday was due to the policies of the new President Donald Trump. Also, this fast activity in the US stock market has also been seen due to the growing contribution of Boeing and IBM. Tarry Sandewen, chief equity strategist at USBank Wealth Management, said: “After breaking the 20,000 level by Dow Jones, this has clearly become a highly marketed and highly sell-out market.” He said that the US president was very much in agreement with his agenda Are fast moving forward.
Nayeem Aslam, chief market analyst at Think Market, said, “The merchants were inclined to know about expenditure on infrastructure and now they have a clear picture. Nothing can be greater than this. “By breaking the 20,000 level, Dao is now attracting investors to invest in fresh capital, which was waiting for such an opportunity.

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