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Load shedding increases as power shortfall crosses 5,250 MW

The duration of loadshedding in rural and urban areas increased significantly on Monday after the electricity power shortange during peak hours reaches to 5,250 megawatts (MW).

Total generation had surpassed 19,000MW for the first time on Saturday and the shortfall fallen below 3,500MW. However, generation fell to 17,250MW, of which 16,2750MW was actually supplied to the national grid, according to figures received Monday from informed sources. Meanwhile, demand climbed to 22,000MW — resulting in a shortfall of 5,250MW.

As a result, the duration of loadshedding reached 14 hours in rural and 10-12 hours in urban areas, sources said.

However, officials at the water and power ministry refuted claims of unscheduled loadshedding and dismissed reports of any increase in the duration of loadshedding.

According to sources, the thermal sector generated 3,050MW, hydel generation stood at 5,200MW, while around 9,000MW were supplied by independent power producers.

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