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Climate Projects launched to support the environmental goals

ISLAMABAD, June 6 (APP): Ministry of Climate Change has launched a project of Establishment of Geomatic Center for Climate Change and Sustainable Development and several other  projects and programs to support the environmental goals, Ministry official have said.

Modern technologies, such as Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) allows  for rapid documentation of the state of environment in  all its manifestations, and is easily available for determining trends on spatial and temporal scales and  for taking proper policy measures at all levels.

Promotion of application of Global Information  System (GIS), Spatial Reference System (SRS) and Global  Positioning System (GPA) technologies for assessment of  existing situation of forest, desertification, soil,  climate, environmental pollution, marine life, coastal  areas, snow and glacier, – disasters, hazards, biodiversity,  water resources, ecological zones.

Better facilitation for environmental planning in the country, particularly for rational and scientific decision-making through assessment of environmental impact of different human activities, making them compatible with the objectives of sustainable development, she added. Provision of a platform equipped with latest  information/data, digital and spatial library to national, provincial and local government institutions for framing disaster management frameworks and early warning mechanisms.

Many projects have been completed which includes capacity building, provision of clean drinking water, environmental management, biodiversity, air pollution control and waste management etc.

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