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Qatari Prince unable to bear witness but owns both letters

ISLAMABAD: Qatari Prince Hamad Bin Jasim Bin Jaber al Thani has refused to come to Pakistan to appear before Joint Investigation Team (JIT) but he owns all three of his letters, it has emerged.

Whereby the court will be informed that Qatari royal Hamad Bin Jassim Bin Jaber Al-Thani has expressed his inability to appear in person to record his statement before the probe team.

Qatari prince has replied that he has very hectic schedule,so he is unable to come Pakistan for testimony of these Qatari letters.

In its verdict, the Supreme Court had bound the JIT to submit fortnightly reports on the progress made over investigations into the Sharif family’s offshore assets.

Reliable sources confirmed to Daily Aftab on Monday that the JIT had received a reply from the Qatari prince last week in response to a letter delivered to him through diplomatic channels.

 Hamad Bin Jassim, through his reply, confirmed each and every word of the letters produced by the Sharif family in support of the money trail they submitted to the apex court.

During the last two weeks, the focus of the JIT was on the Hudabiya Sugar Mills case and most of the witnesses who recorded their statements during this period were related to the said case.

While reacting to the  prince’s inability to bear witness before the JIT, PTI Chairman Imran Khan tweeted on Monday, “From the media reports it appears Qatari Prince is unwilling to appear before JIT. If this is correct, Sharifs have lost their only ‘money trail’.”

 He added: “Prince was the only option for Sharif family but Qatari prince has refused to come Pakistan. Without Qatari prince Sharifs have no money trail on how money went abroad and how flats were purchased. Only ‘trail’ is corruption money”. Sharif family will not be successful in this case.

The joint investigation team probing the offshore assets of the Sharif family will submit its second fortnightly report to the Supreme Court tomorrow Wednesday.



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