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Street crimes lessen during this Ramazan,as police adopts modern techniques to handle crimes


Every year in the holy month of Ramazan the unholy terror of street crime rises in Karachi. The most common street crimes are car, motorcycle and mobile phone snatching and looting shops.

Criminals come well-prepared and well-armed to execute these crimes by overpowering their victims with the help of their greatest weapon – fear.

Even though law enforcement agencies proudly tally their successes in the ongoing operation against terrorists, banned outfits and militant wings of political and religious organisations, Karachiites have been relentlessly attacked year after year by a rise in street crimes. But this year something has changed and there is a drop in street crimes.

 The Rangers and police force have also been directed by their superiors to be extra alert and patrol streets and roads, particularly the shopping hubs of the city, and conduct the snap-checking to protect the lives and valuables of the citizens and so far this seems to have been effective.

To counter street crime, particularly in one of city’s majors shopping hubs – Tariq Road, which falls in the Jamshed Town division – the police force has prepared its strategy and established a separate anti-street crimes force in the area.

The Jamshed Town division’s anti-street crime police force comprises at least 12 motorcycles. “We have prepared our strategy to counter street crimes as incidents increase each year during Ramazan,” explained Jamshed Division SP Dr Muhammad Rizwan. “We have divided our motorcycle squads into four beats. One supervisor would be for two motorcycles. Each beat has its own specific area,” he told Daily Aftab.

Dr Rizwan said the motorcycle squads are not only covering main Tariq Road but have also been tasked with protecting the lives and valuables of the citizens on roads parallel to Tariq Road. “Criminals usually target shoppers, their valuables, cars and motorcycles when they cross parallel streets or when returning home after shopping or coming to the market,” the officer explained. These cops have also been given a briefing before going into duties and present follow-up reports after they perform their duties.