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Man killed his sister in the name of honor killing

GUJRANWALA: A man killed his sister after she was raped in Gujrat, while the police kept insisting the victim’s family settle the matter with the accused, it emerged on Thursday.

A landlord’s son allegedly raped the woman five days ago, however, the victim’s mother alleged the police did not register an FIR in the case but instead told them to reach a settlement with the other party. She added that the police also beat her up, forcing her family to settle the matter.

As the case remained unresolved, the victim’s brother, in a state of rage and in the name of ‘honour’, killed his sister.

Later, the police arrested the landlord’s son and three others for forcing the family to settle the matter. The report did not mention the name of the personnel who delayed the filing of FIR and whose inefficiency led to the victim’s death.

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