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Sheikh Rasheed in an ungraceful struggle outside Parliament

As he tried to enter Parliament on Thursday, Awami Muslim League (AML) chief Sheikh Rasheed found himself in the midst of a scuffle with a man claiming to be his creditor.

The accuser — identified as Malik Noor Awan — intercepted Rashid at Gate 1 of the Parliament building and forcibly started demanding payment for Rs 2.2 million that he said Rashid owed him.

The man claimed that he had sold a vehicle to Rasheed, but the latter had not yet paid the amount owed.

The accuser’s claims could not be immediately verified.

Awan could be seen repeatedly blocking the befuddled lawmaker’s attempts to step away from the situation.

After Rasheed managed to enter the building, he raised the issued during Parliament proceedings.

“I have repeatedly said Parliament is unsafe,” he complained.

On his complaint, the presiding officer directed the deputy superintendent of police, Parliament and the sergeant-at-arms to arrest the harasser.

Security officials later took the person into custody and started investigating him.

Rasheed also called on Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar to discuss the event. The minister ordered measures for the security of the AML lawmaker in accordance with directions issued by the National Assembly speaker after the incident.

Rasheed also filed a case at the Secretariat Police Station stating that he was attacked outside Parliament by Malik Noor Awan.


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