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Cristiano Ronaldo remains highest paid athlete of the world: Forbes

Forbes recently published an annual list of the world’s 100 top paid athletes.Football star Cristiano Ronaldo stands at the very top of the Forbes list for the second consecutive year.

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo remains at the top of Forbes magazine’s list of 100 highest-paid athletes.

The 32-year-old Portugal forward is estimated to have earned a total of $93 million between his football salary of $58m and $35m in endorsement income.

The other top ten highest paid athletes of the world are:

2: Le Bron James

3: Lionel Messi

4: Roger Federer

5: Kevin Durant

6: Andrew Luck

7: Rory Mcllroy

8: Stephen Curry

9: James Harden

10: Lewis Hamilton

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