Arabs didn’t learn from the previous wars: JUI Amir

LAHORE: The rift between Saudi Arabia and Qatar has created an alarming situation in the Muslim world and the enemy alone will benefit from the situation, says JUI Amir Senator Sirajul Haq.

Addressing Friday congregation at Mansoora, he urged Turkey and Pakistan to try to resolve the conflict.

“The US is happy over the tension between Muslim states as every Muslim state is buying US arms and ammunition to fight other Muslims.” He said the forces hostile to Islam had been playing the game of dividing the Muslim world and to shatter Ummah’s unity. In this situation, the US arms business was flourishing.

He said the Iraq-Iran war and Iraq’s attack on Kuwait on US bidding were US conspiracies. Later, the US invaded Iraq, killed one million people and also occupied oil wells in Iraq.

He regretted the Gulf states had not learnt any lesson. “The US is once again dragging the Gulf states into war to sell its arms and to occupy their resources.”

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