UAF rusticate four students over social media remarks

FAISALABAD: The University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, has rusticated four students on charges of criticizing the university administration on social media.

This was the second such action after the rustication of PhD student Kashan Haider in January last on charges of posting comments on Facebook against the Kissan Mela organised by the UAF in November 2015.

The fresh order issued on June 6 (three days ago) reads that “the disciplinary advisory committee has found Muhammad Isfandyar Javed of MSc (Hons) agronomy (2nd semester), Zubair Iqbal of MSc (Hons) plant breeding and genetics (2nd semester), Ghulam Jelani of MS management sciences (4th semester) and Umer Bilal of MSc horticulture (2nd semester) guilty of spreading undesirable comments/remarks against the university administration on social media, misleading and trapping the students community and defaming, damaging repute and bringing bad name to the university.”

The committee duly approved by the competent authority expelled three students permanently from spring 2016-17 and Umer Bilal for two years and asked them to vacate the hostels.

The expelled students have been allowed to file individual appeals to the vice chancellor within 30 days. They may also file review appeal against the orders passed on their appeals.