Glimpse of Pak India Relations

BY: Hassan Ahmad

It is an axiomatic fact that there is always a wave of turbulence between Pakistan and India. Both countries have remained arch rivals since their Independence. If you sneak peek at history, everything would be cleared that how relations between these two countries have been changed with the passage of time. When both countries got independence from Great Britain, these inherited numerous problems. From the inception of independence, these countries remained busy in fighting with each other at different spots for Kashmir and princely states. Several wars have been fought on Kashmir between these rivals. Unfortunately, India occupied Kashmir illegally by violating resolutions of United Nations.

In studying the Pakistan-India ties, it is simplistic but also convenient to divide them into phases with regard to important junctures in South Asian history. None of the occasions that gave rise to optimism could ultimately become the watershed they were built up to be.

Sometimes, relations between these countries moved in a progressive direction. During Musharraf reign, Kashmir issue was already to be resolved but unluckily, it could not come to fruitful end.

People of these countries are always suffering from economic issues. Economy of both opponents has been deteriorated due to instability in region. According to the organization of United Nations, hunger and poverty rate has escalated. Poverty is at such extreme level that people can’t eat meal twice a day. There are also some other major issues like water and energy disputes. This water issue is menace to the peace of this region. There is always wave of anger on water disputes. Both countries have led their stance to World Bank on several moments. Recently, this region has been mostly affected by terrorism. Being as the nuclear powers, there is always a fear of war between both countries.

Kulbhushan Jadhav, the Indian spy of RAW agency was caught red handed in illegal activities in Baluchistan. This is the recent violation of boundaries by India. The whole world has witnessed this India agent. This case was led to International Court of Justice by India. ICJ has suspended the death penalty orders of Pakistani court. Besides this, numerous problems are being faced by both countries. They have boarder security issues. Indian soldiers violate the boundaries of Pakistani boarders. There is uncertainty on boarder securities.

Despite all these burning conflicts between these arch rivals, problems of both countries are same. People of both sides are suffering from poverty, educated youth is unemployed, and energy crisis. There is high percentage of youth that have assertions but did not have any jobs opportunities. When talented students will have no jobs, youth will adopt illegal resources to meet the needs .People of both sides have been living together from decades. Their ancestors have lived together for a long time.  Both sides have some identities in culture. They understand the language of each other. The people want peace. No one wants war based environment. Both countries have spent their time in fighting wars with others.

There are various recommendations to pacify the severe circumstances. Cricket is considered as an auspicious game in both countries. Nations of Pak and India are diehard fans of cricket. To create better and peaceful environment, both countries top management should conduct cricket series, so the people can entertainment. There should be proper measures taken from leadership of both countries. Both countries have combine boarders. Therefore, maximum trade can be carried through boarders.  People should have freedom to travel through boarders. There should be a Visa free policy.  Both countries should fight together with the plague of terrorism. The stability of this region is fruitful for both nations. If this region will be stabilized, people of both sides will flourish.

It is widely acknowledged that only effective diplomacy, on both regional as well as global levels, prevented the situation from reaching a complete meltdown. However, subsequent suspension of dialogue ensued and that has only recently been revived. While this does not mean that all communications died out, it did signal an end to an official exchange of views, particularly the composite dialogue.

It is the fact that neighbors can’t be changed, so leadership of both countries should consider this reality for the betterment of their nations. Only peace is the survival for both countries. The top notch leadership of both countries should understand that this region can’t face third war. They should start composite dialogues. In past, composite dialogues were held but they suddenly ceased due to some insurgency. The recent wave of insecurity should come to end. This is the sole way to bring peace and make this region prosper.

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