Textile industry wants competitive business environment in region

ISLAMABAD: The chairman of the All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) on Sunday called for a more competitive business environment in the country to boost the country’s exports.

“We want to compete with regional competitors such as India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Vietnam,” said the APTMA’s Secretary General Anisul Haq, adding enhancing the country’s exports would help achieve economic stability and growth.

According to Mr Haq, Pakistan needed an export led growth for economic stability in the country. He said that the textile industry contributed almost 60 per cent in total exports of the country and was considered the backbone of the economy. Mr Haq added that he appreciated the Rs180 billion export enhancement package. He explained that the package would bring relief to the textile sector and help enhance the exports.

The APTMA’s secretary general stressed on the need to implement the export enhancement package as it would strengthen the country’s economy.

He said that the price of energy was an important element of production particularly for spinning, weaving and the processing industry. He added that the availability of energy at regionally competitive prices was important.

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