“Smile till sehri” for a cuase

Karachites were provided with a long night full of uncontrollable laughter and smile  from Iftari till sehri on June 12. The event Hosted by Saad Haroon the certified Second most funniest man on the plant, the show included a marathon divided into two parts with significant performances by Ali Gul Pir, Danish Ali, Faiza Saleem, JD, Akbar Chaudhary, Khawatoons and LOL Waalay and all the proceedings were donated to Eidhi foundation.

More often than not, it is difficult to maintain the quality of the show from beginning to end, especially if it’s six hours long. But Smile Till Sehri succeeded in that department, with only a couple of mediocre performances. From Kashif Shahzad in the opening act, the evening started off on a positive note, swiftly sliding through various acts, with Hassan Bin Shaheen’s unsurprisingly entertaining performance and Umar Ahmed delivering a surprisingly on-point, edgy act with great timing. Perhaps, it was because of Ramazan that the (subtly delivered) edgy jokes were more effective.

One of the comedians, Tabish Hashmi, rightly pointed out that it was the performers who were actually giving out to charity and not the audiences as the latter were actually getting to attend a full comedy show in return for their money.

Charitable intentions aside, the show was a solid effort in showcasing the entire comedy scene’s mettle in front of a large audience. This way, a lot of people who would not normally turn up for a comedy show if it was being headlined by a lesser known comedian got to see what each comedian brings to the table and whose style they most identify with and appreciate. In that way, the idea behind the event was brilliant, because some of the best performances of the night came from comedians who weren’t as known in the line-up.

The Smile Till Sehri as the comedy marathon was called, was a much-needed step in that direction and that’s something we can all get behind or as Shaheen said as part of one his jokes, “I’d tap that… respectfully.”