Turmoil in Muslim World

By Hassan Ahmad
Muslims are 1.5 billion of world’s whole population of 7.5 billion circa. Their roots are stretched from Asia to Africa. If you glance at Muslim history, it would come to know that Muslims have ruled the whole world. But later on, their decline started. Now, a day’s Muslims are suffering from the worst time of epoch. Internal disputes, lack of integration, failed diplomacy, hatred views for each other, influence of foreign countries, the increasing wave of terrorism, economic destabilization etc are the major issues of Muslim world. Recently, a crisis dominated the Muslim world especially Middle East countries, known as Gulf Crisis. This crisis has engulfed the whole world under its wings.

Six major countries of Middle East Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Comoros have severed their diplomatic relations with Qatar a few days ago. These countries have cut off all their land, sea and Ariel routs with Qatar. Trade of these countries with Qatar has been blocked. These countries have withdrawn their diplomatic staff from Qatar and also imposed ban on travel to Qatar. Al Jazeera was excoriated by Saudi Arabia that it publishes the news stories of terrorists. Qatar was accused of supporting terrorism, having close relations with Islamic State, backing up Hamas and providing shelter to Hamas leaders. There was a long charge sheet prepared by Gulf countries against Qatar. While responding to these allegations, Qatar has categorically denied all these accusations. Emir of Qatar and foreign ministry gave their views on AL Jazeera that these allegations have no existence and this is sham to destabilize the economy of Qatar.

This major story encircled the whole world. Pakistan, America, Turkey responded to this crisis and assured to resolve this emergency through middle east. If, we take glimpse at reasons of this crisis, there are numerous factors behind this crisis. Qatar was blamed that it is supporting rebels in Yemen against the government of Yemen. While Saudi Arabia is also involved in Yemen war and it is choking off the insurgents in Yemen. Qatar has also made its efforts for the restoration of supremacy of Yemen government but now suddenly it has been indicted for supporting rebels in Yemen. Take a look at Syria, there are different rebel groups are fighting against government of Bashar al Assad. Some groups are being supported by Saudi Arabia and USA and one group Ikhwan ul Muslimean is supported by Qatar. It means, both countries are supporting rebels of their own interests. Take another aspect of this crisis, it is created after the majesty visit of American’s President Donald Trump to Saudi Arabia. A few weeks ago, summit of Islamic Military Alliance also known as Muslim Nato was held at Riyadh. This summit was for the unity of Muslim countries against terrorism. Iran, Syria and some other prominent Muslim countries did not participate in this summit. After a few weeks of this summit, Gulf Crisis was created. Hamas is fighting against Israeli army in Philistine. Qatar has been accused of providing safe havens to Hamas leadership.

Pakistan has offered to play mediator role to resolve the Gulf Crisis. In this context, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif along with General Qamar Jawed Bajwa has made a visit to Saudi Arabia. They have met with King Salman of Saudi Arab. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has offered to King Salman that we can resolve this crisis because the unity of Muslim world is indispensable. Pakistan has healthy relations with all gulf countries including Qatar and Syria. Turkish media has published a news story that Pakistan is sending troops to Qatar. The Foreign Office of Pakistan has given its feedback regarding this news. The spokesperson of foreign Office has categorically rejected this news story. Nafees Zakaria, the spokesperson of foreign office has said that Turkish media has published this news to get the attraction of world. Pakistan has not proposed any plans to send it troops to Qatar. Pakistan has amicable relations with Qatar and we are also good trade partners. America and Turkey have also offered to resolve this crisis. Donald Trump has said that America wants the integration of Muslim world to fight against terrorism and banned outfits like Islamic State and Al Qeada. Iran is also a major stakeholder of middle east, while responding to gulf Crisis, Iran has said that is done on the behalf of America. Iran wants the unity of Muslim world and has keen desire to resolve the disputes of Muslim world.

In, a nutshell it can be summarized that Muslim countries cannot tolerate any disputes among themselves. The leadership of Muslim countries should realize that integration of Muslims is the need of hour. Pakistan, should also chew over its inclusion in Islamic Military Alliance because this Muslim Nato is not consisting of all Muslim countries. Iran is not the part of this Muslim Nato. Pakistan should make its efforts for the inclusion of Iran and other Muslim countries in this alliance. Otherwise, Pakistan should revisit its decision of heading the Islamic Military Alliance.