PSP to form next government in Sindh,says Kamal

HYDERABAD: Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal on Tuesday expressed his confidence that his party would form the next government in Sindh after the 2018 polls.

He was speaking to reporters at an Iftar dinner hosted for him by Nawab Rashid Ali Khan, a former Pakistan Muslim League-Functional (PML-F) activist who has recently joined the PSP, at the latter’s residence.

PSP president Anis Qaimkhani, senior vice chairman Anis Ahmed advocate, vice chairman Dr Saghir Ahmed and secretary general Raza Haroon were also present.

“PSP is committed to issue-based politics … getting people’s basic problems resolved is our primary agenda,” he said, adding that the PSP would resume working more vigorously after Eidul Fitr. “We are not sitting silent after 18 days of sit-in, nor are we going to compromise on the issues of electricity, water, health and education,” he said.

Mr Kamal said that powers ought to be devolved at grass-root level, and confidently said that the PSP would form the next government in Sindh. “And I am making this statement on the basis of our progress on the ground and given political conditions in the country,” he said. The PSP chairman remarked that those who were “selling” the Mohajir narrative were the biggest enemies of this community. “If I start selling it, it means I am creating a feeling of insecurity among non-Mohajirs, who would ultimately develop ill will towards Mohajirs,” he said.

“We have had enough of Mohajir politics over the past 30 years. We got 100 per cent votes in lieu of this slogan. We got hides and skins of sacrificial animals, fitrana and zakat … and bodies of 25,000 youths … And 30 years down, we are now demanding powers to lift garbage, [ensure provision of clean drinking water to citizens], etc,” he said.