One-wheeler motorcyclists attempt to set fire to Pindi Traffic Police chowki

A band of ‘one-wheeler’ motorcyclists on Friday morning attacked and attempted to set fire to a traffic police chowki in Rawalpindi’s Chandni Chowk area, police said.

Two traffic wardens, Abdul Basit and Ikhlaq, were injured during the incident which took place at sehri time.

The motorcyclists also attempted to set vehicles and government-owned traffic police motorcycles ablaze, the police added.

The incident comes in the wake of a traffic police crackdown on ‘one-wheelers’ in Ramazan, during which at least 30 motorcyclists were arrested.

A heavy contingent of police and Elite Force personnel arrived at the site of the incident shortly after it was reported and arrested five motorcyclists, police added.

The five suspects were transferred to the New Town police station and a case was registered against them, Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Yousuf Ali Shahid told Daily Aftab.

He said that police had launched a crackdown on ‘one-wheelers’ during Ramazan. In the first 20 days of the holy month, there had been a number of attacks on traffic wardens and 30 ‘one-wheelers’ were arrested, he elaborated.

On Thursday, a traffic warden was injured after being shot by a motorcyclist doing a wheelie on 6th Road before dawn.

Sohail Shahzad, the traffic warden, was on duty near 6th Road, and tried to intercept a motorcyclist doing wheelies on Murree Road.

In retaliation, the second passenger on the motorcycle pulled out a pistol and shot the warden before the motorcyclists sped away.

The CTO added that police had seen some success in the operation against ‘one-wheelers’.

He said that the ‘one-wheelers’ who have been arrested so far did not have driving licenses or registration papers for their motorbikes.

Shahid said that the police are in talks with the owners of motorcycle showrooms to only sell motorbikes in instalments to those who hold licenses.