War of Supremacy

By Shakeel Ahmed Shaheen

Pakistan since its inception is facing numerous problems. After the Zia ul Haq’s regime, which was a stigma in Pakistani politics, leaders and their subordinates looted the nation’s wealth completely in the name of religion and Pakistan. The excruciating grievances that are constantly rankling the people are, due to bad governance and despotic politicians of country. Politicians tried their best to snatch the morsels from the mouth of the poor people. The main cause of the prevailing sense of deprivation and deteriorating situation in the country is that we don’t have candid and sincere leadership after Quaid- e- Azam. A leader can change the course of the history and decides the future of a nation. Only one statement of Mrs. Vijay Lakshmi Pundit, a prominent figure and Nehru’s sister, is enough to prove Quaid- e- Azam a revolutionary leader of that epoch. She said, “If the Muslim League had 100 Gandhi’s and 200 Azad’s and Congress had only one Jinnah, then India would not have been divided!”

After Quaid- e- Azam, Pakistan was deprived of intrepid, motivated and sincere leadership and a race for superiority gets started. Forerunner politicians vied to get reign. Several exaggerated and fabricated claims were made by the politicians to prolong their reign but nothing was done to transform them into reality. After passing a short time, in Pakistan a war of ascendancy was initiated. After the assassination of Pakistan’s first Prime Minister, Mr. Liaquat Ali Khan in 1951, there was a long list of Prime Ministers who reigned for very short time. In this decade, six Prime Ministers were changed. Nehru said, I don’t change as much breeches as Pakistan changes its prime ministers. This was the time of political instability in country. The rights of the common people were crushed vehemently in this war of supremacy. But nothing extraordinary was done for rehabilitation of the migrants. There was the migration of millions of refuges from the other side of boarder. Instead of their restoration, a lot of bungling and fraud in the business of settling the refugees took place. Eventually, these all problems got settle with the passage of time.

In 1953, a mini martial law was imposed on the request of civil government to quell the Anti-Qadiani movement but this act helped to build the confidence of military establishment to take over the country. From inception, Pakistan inherited governance system of British in which military and bureaucracy was most powerful pillar. Therefore, mostly decision power was under the wings of bureaucrats. It was a system which was specially designed for British to rule over a vast empire and to establish their hegemony. The highly centralized power, the combination of civil and military services, showed its authoritarian, undemocratic and exploitative face from day one. The imposition of martial laws and usurpation of fundamental rights is a common practice in Pakistan. Military ruled over Pakistan for almost 32 years and took certain preposterous decisions that were aimed at prolonging their rule.

Similarly, the democratic governments also used same tactics to extend their rule. But they have no time to chew over public related issues. They have only concerns with their reign and public agenda has puny importance for political leadership. Recently, corruption scandal of Panama off-shores companies was unveiled. Along Pakistani leaders, some international faces were also disclosed in this scam. For a short time, take a look at the international personalities’ attitude involved in Panama case and then compare them with our politicos. Several international renowned, personalities relinquished including Iceland’s embattled prime minister after Panama Leaks scandal. They resigned from the country’s highest political office for the betterment of the country. David Cameron held referendum that British should still be the part of European Union or it should revisit its decision. The results of referendum went against David Cameron. After, this public response Cameron resigned from its office.

But our Prime Minister remains stick to his PM office even after the Supreme Court verdict on Panama Leaks. Two judges wrote dissenting note against him. Justices Khosa and Gulzar said that PM Nawaz Sharif has no longer been Sadiq and Ameen. FIA led JIT has been constituted to probe the veracity of allegations. A few days ago, PM Nawaz has appeared before JIT for probe of Panama scam. A simple question was raised at everywhere that PM Nawaz should resign before this appearance to JIT but he didn’t.

It is a war of supremacy not moralities. Why our rulers don’t spend enough budget to bring reforms in our education system because they are threatened that if the public get educated who will elect them? Being a nuclear power, now it is time to invest in education, health and social services to benefit our miserable people lest they remain in dark ages. Government should make herculean efforts to provide basic facilities like potable water, pure food and shelter to the underprivileged. Pakistan is enriched with natural resources which can lead it to become a developed country one day. Let’s pledge to make Pakistan a prosperous country.

War of Supremacy

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