The first step toward Global Thinking

By Naeema Siddiqui
In modern times, the world is progressing very fast. Gone are the days when people used to live and die at a place. The advancement in science and technology has narrowed the distances and the world has become a global village. With the movement of time and the progress of technology, we need to evolve our thinking patterns as well if we want to keep pace with the world. ‘Man is a social animal’ said by Aristotle. By saying these words he actually drew the significance of living together with other human beings. We all live in a heterogeneous society. We all have different skin colors, religions, beliefs, choices, likes, dislikes and opinions. We all have our own perceptions of looking at the things. We all are unique in our own way, just like our fingerprints or stars in the Milky Way.

Here the question is not that who is right or who is wrong. The question is just that we as human being do not like to accept anything contradictory to our thoughts, imaginations or perceptions. Most of the times we rush towards conclusions or have our own preconceived notions about certain matters and we do not let the others make their point clear. We do not believe the fact that there could be different ways of achieving the right thing or reaching at a destination. In our life we observe millions of examples when we and the people around us criticize others without any solid reason. We make fun of others for nothing. We hate people who belong to a different caste, creed, religion, sect or class. At times we get so intense in holding these beliefs of ours that we don’t like to eat, play, work or buy from the others. We are everything but human beings. Regrettably, we deny each other forcibly and make every attempt to prove our point. That is not wrong, but the way we treat each other that is wrong. Surprisingly, most of the so called well qualified persons do not know how to handle a disagreement.

Being a human we all deserve love, respect, kindness, acceptance, admiration and compassion. These values are the same all over the world and everybody praises and appreciates these values. So instead of looking for difference to hate someone we need to look for the similarities to appreciate, to survive and to stay happy. In this global village, we need to find the common grounds to live peacefully. If we study the history of Indian Muslims in Subcontinent, we will come to know about Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, who understood the sensitivity of the matter and asked the Muslims of Subcontinent to respect the differences between them and the British government if they want to survive as a nation. He is the one who propagated this idea among Muslims and ultimately this idea led to the revival of Muslims and Independence of Pakistan. This is how your positive thoughts lead you toward a bright future.
We need to believe in the notion of the survival of the fittest and in order to be the fittest, we need to embrace humanity as a superior thing which is above all racial and gender discriminations. We need to believe in superior human beings. We need to respect the women of ours and of all the others societies as well. We all have different capacities and capabilities. We all are not the same, but special. This uniqueness of each individual creates beauty in this universe just like diverse colours of a rainbow. Instead of giving importance to the skin colour of a person, give more importance to humanity and just think that we all are born with a colour. None of us chose the colour of his skin. We need to suppress these socially constructed biases that in order to be successful one needs to be white. We need to accept each other. And a Black man can be a hero too, just like Nelson Mandela. One should not be tortured on the basis of his skin color, caste or political affiliation.

Ethics should be taught as a subject in all the schools. Children should be taught about the importance of it so that there will be a terror free future for our coming generations. But before teaching our children, we need to inculcate these universal values among ourselves. This is the thing we need to understand. When we will start listening and understanding others perspective ninety percent of our problems will be solved. And let suppose even at some point, even if we need to disagree with someone, do it in a polite way. We need to accept and celebrate each other. We all are the masters of our thoughts. As you sow, so shall you reap. Let’s make sure to plant the right seeds so our generations would cut a better fruit. So, how to start global thinking? Start with yourself. Hold yourself to a higher standard. Sometimes it is better to be kind instead of being right. Above all we need to love the similarities and respect the differences. And the people around you will follow you.