No honor in ‘honor’ killing

Azhar saeed Hashmi

Few days ago news emerged in media that a man in Gujranwala killed his sister after she was raped by the son of a landlord and police was refusing to lodge FIR against the culprits. As the case remained unresolved, the victim’s brother, in a state of rage and in the name of ‘honor’, killed his sister. According to country’s independent Human rights commission report, Nearly 1,100 women were killed in Pakistan last year by relatives who believed they had dishonored their families. In its annual report the commission says that 900 more women suffered sexual violence and nearly 800 took, or tried to take, their own lives. In 2014 about 1,000 women died in honor-related attacks and 869 in 2013. The menace of honor killing is worsening day by day in our society. We should realize that there is no honor in honor killing

The Ideology of Pakistan is based on Islam. During 1400 year, Islam is the only religions which granted different rights to women. As mother, she has the key of haven, and as daughter blessing of happiness. Islam has granted social political and economical rights to women. She has allowed choosing her life partner and her consent is mandatory for marriage. In addition, Women can work out of the home under Islamic terms and condition. Many other rights have also been granted such law of inheritance, equality between men and women, education and domestic rights.

Despite granting of rights to women, the Islamic state is responsible for the protection of her right under the lights of Quran and Sunnah. However, the deteriorating condition of women in the world and Pakistan is miserable

However; the Zia regime abandoned all the law of 1973, which guard the basic rights of women. The controversial Hadood-ordinance devastated the social life of women in the country. The first woman Prime Minister promised to abolish such controversial laws. But, she could not succeed in her ambition, due to complex legislation of this law. It required approval from both the houses and then judicial review.

After the revival of democracy, the Government of Pakistan adopted the policy of ex-Government. In 2011, Anti-women bill was passed in Assembly. The condition of women in Pakistan was already in deterioration but the nuisance of honor killing has further deepened it. First, this menace was limited to backward areas of country like interior Sindh, tribal areas of KPK and Southern Punjab. But now modern cities like Lahore, Islamabad are also fatality of this ailment.

The act of acid throwing is prevailing around the country. Due to the forced love, marriage, enmity and domestic violence, this kind of act evolve in the society. It is a humiliating act which shattered feelings of the people around the world. The victims of this act are women. Miss Sharmin Obed Chinoy has highlighted the issue in international community by her documentary movie “Saving Face”. In addition, the parliament has passed a bill to punish the culprits of acid throwing. In Pakistan,

The Government of Pakistan initiated many developments programs for the women in terms of education, training, and financial support. Other bodies of social life such as NGOs and Human Rights organization should arrange program for counseling the people about the status of women and in social life. They should also highlight the equality of gender and consent over marriage decision with girl. At present, women are enjoying a good status in upper class. The First Female speaker of national assembly is explicit example. In art and entertainment, Sharmin Obed Chinoy has received Oscar award for her documentary film “Saving Face”.

Nevertheless, women suffer in miserable problems. These problems may be social, political and economical. A healthy and educated woman can build a strong society. During present decade, The Government of Pakistan launched many development programs to boost the women status in the country. The law enforcement agencies passed different laws to provide security to women in the country. In civil service of Pakistan, Women have granted 10% of quota.

Only legislation can’t eradicate this issue from Pakistan, enforcement of law is also very important. It can be eradicated by changing the minds of people and their stereotypes about women. In 21st century the importance of media can’t be negate. Now it has become the fourth pillar of state. People’s minds can be mould by using the effective use of media especially electronic and social media.