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British woman does solo wedding after fiancee ditches at last moment

Getting cold feet or having second thoughts is quite normal for those who are about to marry off but things went too far for Carly Akers, from Kent, UK, who had to walk down the aisle alone on her wedding day. According to a report in The Independent, Akers was deserted by her boyfriend three days before their wedding. They were together for nine years and even have two children together. Akers had promised her daughters that they would be bridesmaids, and she stuck to her word as she walked down the aisle holding a bouquet of flowers in a room full of friends and family.

The reason for calling off the marriage is still unclear. While her boyfriend maintained that Carly had been unfaithful years ago, she is certain that he was the one who had strayed. “I don’t know if I’ll ever get over being jilted at the altar,” the 30-year-old bride said. “A wedding is supposed to be the best day of a woman’s life. But it was the worst day of mine.”

After her boyfriend popped the question, Akers decided to have a double along with her brother and his fiancée. The wedding was supposed to take place on April 29. “I launched into full wedding planning mode. We chose a hotel, separate wedding cakes and even booked to go on honeymoon together in Tenerife. I bought my dress and my daughter chose dresses for her and her sister. I also had two friends as bridesmaids who both bought aqua green dresses to wear,” she said.

“We sent 100 invites out to guests for the ceremony and a further 100 for the evening do,” she added.

A week before the wedding both Akers and her boyfriend went on individual trips with their friends. While she went to Mallorca, he went to Bournemouth. It was after they came back that rumours of her boyfriend cheating on her started floating.

On confronting him on April 26, she was told that he had decided to called off the marriage. Two days before the wedding he had severed all ties with her.

“On Friday morning, the day of our marriage, I got the keys to the bridal suite and laid my white dress out on the bed,” she said and added that she hoped that probably he would eventually turn up, and called him. “But his voice was cold as he said he’d told me the wedding was off and he hung up. I broke down in tears as I looked out of the window. Friends and family were arriving all dressed up ready for the double wedding,” she said.

Having gone through this, she wants to remain strong. “Now I’m determined to keep strong. My wedding dreams may have been ruined but I won’t let what happened ruin my life.”