Revival of International Sports in Pakistan

Hassan Ahmad
An unfortunate grotesque attack on Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore in 2009 halted the process of international sports in Pakistan. That was the black day for Pakistani sports when foreigner players that have come to Pakistan were badly targeted by some miscreants. This incident raised hue and cry in sports world. After this brutal attack, Pakistani playgrounds depicted wilderness. Different teams of various sports denied to play in Pakistan for security issues. Pakistani sports including cricket, hockey etc had enormous impacts due to absence of international sports.
When security measures were enhanced, Zimbabwe was the first country who sent its cricket team in Pakistan. This cricket series was successfully arranged. Proper security measures were adopted, due to which even a single malicious act did not happen.
Recently, renowned international footballers including Ronaldinho, Ryan Gigs and other players made their visit to Pakistan. These players came, they displayed their ability, and they won the core of Pakistanis.
Who might have suspected that twice-FIFA World Player of the Year, Ballon d’Or champ and World Cup victor from Brazil, the colossal Ronaldinho, would be playing before a furious Pakistani pack in Karachi and Lahore?
Who might have envisioned, even in their most out of this world fantasies, that they would one day see one of the best Manchester United players, Ryan Giggs, in Pakistani grounds?
Who might have thought of seeing French star Nicolas Anelka and English objective manager David James play close by Pakistani footballers on Pakistani pitches?
Be that as it may, everything happened, and happened effectively.
Bringing top footballers from around the globe to Pakistan was never a simple task for the coordinators – Leisure Leagues oversaw it simply subsequent to getting security confirmation from Pakistan Army.
The occasion, named ‘Ronaldinho and Friends’, has monstrously helped Pakistan’s case and battle in reestablishing universal games exercises in the nation.
Pakistan has figured out how to grandstand to the world that it is completely equipped for giving best security to going by competitors, first amid the last of the Pakistan Super League in Lahore prior this year and now with the ‘Ronaldinho and Friends’ football occasion in Karachi and Lahore.
Both matches were successfully organized in Karachi and Lahore. Bulk of football fans made their presence in grounds to lively watch their hero’s. Despite of expensive tickets, grounds were replete of spectators. Pakistani people have proved that they are a peaceful nation and they have affection for sports. These football players were warmly welcomed by officials and public across the country. COAS had also greeted foreign players, in a nutshell these players were highly revered. Before departing from Pakistan, these players thanked to Pakistani government, Army and public for giving him such an honor.
The wrestling occasion was also efficaciously organized by PWE recently. Famous WWE wrestlers came to Pakistan to prove that Pakistan is a safe country for sports. Although tickets of wrestling were also costly but people came to grounds for entertainment. Both these events were provided high proof security. A large number of security officials were assigned to their duties and they paid their responsibilities in better way.
An ICC World XI is likewise booked to visit Pakistan in the not so distant future – another deed which was just made conceivable after Pakistan’s security offices displayed the best level security courses of action amid the PSL. The visit of World XI should open the entryways for global cricket groups in Pakistan.
These all events have been organized due to special efforts of Pakistan Army and other security departments. COAS General Qamar Bajwa has paid attention to organize international sports in Pakistan. Last few years were horror dream for Pakistani sports because no event was organized and players lost spirits. Recently, Pakistan cricket team has won Champions trophy from India held in England. This victory has turned over the whole scenario. Famous cricketers of the world insisted ICC and other cricket teams to visit Pakistan.
The circumstances are getting better day by day for Pakistani sports. The importance of sports cannot be neglected in country’s progress, every developed country focuses on various games, so the country can stand in the list of successful sports champions.
There are various remedies to bring the international sports in Pakistan. Security departments should provide high security to foreign teams. If the security measures are ameliorated, sports departments do dialogues with international boards, they satisfy foreign players, then it can be hoped that in future Pakistani playgrounds can be replete with people. In this entire context, Media has also to pays its responsibility being as fourth pillar of the state. Media can highlight soft and positive image of Pakistan, it can arrange such programs in which foreign players can be invited. A few times ago some channels have started their programs in which different foreign players are invited, these players are made aware about Pakistan that it is a safe country for all type of sports.

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