Biggest threat to humanity

Shakeel Ahmad Shaheen
Terrorism is the most dangerous threat faced by Pakistan. It has smashed not merely the economy, political stability and the social sectors of the country but also national security and integrity. Now terrorism itself is quite an organized activity. There are well organized terrorist organizations or groups that train terrorists to achieve their goals. Sometimes these organizations are supported by foreign governments and huge funds and modern weapons are provided to them. Today the Chairman Joint Chiefs of the Staff Committee, Gen Zubair Mahmood Hayat, has said foreign intelligence agencies are operating from Afghanistan and other locations to foment unrest in Pakistan, especially in Baluchistan.

They causes of terrorism are clear like daylight. The groups of people, opposed to government policies and social trends, decide to create massive confusion and restlessness to cause administrative and governmental collapse. They try to create situations to embarrass or even replace the government or prepare grounds for its ultimate failure. Many terrorists in history said sincerely that they chose violence after long deliberation because they felt they had no choice. Millions of the youth is hopeless about their present condition and future. Their families are mostly poor and backward. When the terrorists groups offer them handsome money and material resources for their families, they agree to join them as terrorists. The effects of terrorism include the injuries, deaths and psychological trauma of the immediate victims, short and long-term impact on the economy of the attached country; and enhanced security, military and intelligence activities to deter future attaches.

There are certain things that can help us to eradicate terrorism. The first and foremost is the unity and commitment. All stakeholders of the society must need to unite and become committed to this one agenda to eradicate terrorism from every nook and corner of the country Parliamentarian can play a very constructive role in this regard. They can use their influence in the right direction to convince the people of their constituencies to say “No to all sort of terrorist activities”. But it is also a fact that we still did not see any useful role from these so-called representatives of the people. It is high time they must come forward to save the future of Pakistan.

Religious leaders in any society can play an effective role in times of crises. But the case of Pakistan is different regarding war on terror. These influential leaders were in some respect close to the terrorist organizations and to their self-professed ideology in the past. But it is the requirement of time that these leaders must come forward to use their influence in the society against all type of terrorism. Civil society is another major stakeholder. It is not playing their due role against war on terror.A mass movement is required to defeat the ideologies of terrorist organizations. And civil society can lead this mass movement very effectively. But this should be a collaborative effort from all stakeholders of the society. Because working alone against this big threat terrorism can’t bring the desired results as required.

Education is another very important way to eradicate the root causes of terrorism. The first step should be to provide uniform system of education to the masses. This system of education must be free from prejudices and sectarian violence. It also includes both religious and modern education at equal ratios. This will help create citizens having a balanced approach towards life.
Good governance is another area which needed more attention in this regard. The important work in this regard which has been done so far is only to equip security personnel’s with latest weapons and to increase their salaries, and compensation in case of casualties. But Policy makers of Pakistan did not create a suitable mechanism through which terrorism can effectively be checked also there is an urgent need for the military to come forward and state explicitly the present situation regarding war on terror to all citizens of the country. This strategy will clear the minds of people. Because Pakistan is the most affected country in the world in war against terrorism.

The role of parents and teachers can’t be denied in times of crises. Because they are the main architects of nations. But we see no efforts from any side to utilize their full potentials regarding elimination of terrorism. We are not observing any type of collective efforts within homes, schools, Colleges and universities against terrorism. It is time that these builders of nation must come forward to save the country future. After all, terrorism is our common enemy, and we can’t see a prosperous Pakistan without eradicating it.

All these major efforts must be initiated at the same time and must be communicated to all citizens through electronic and print media. This is also one of the most demanding areas for the media to work on. As it is also badly required from the media to channelize their work in a constructive manner to inform people how they can beat terrorist designs. After all, united approach and combined efforts for a good cause can only make a nation stronger and prosperous in all respects.