Education is the solution

There are few basic requirements for the growth, development and progress of any society and nation. Education is one of these. Education is that tool which equips human beings with knowledge, skill and capacity to deal with all the challenges. All the nations which focused on education succeeded in the achieving better position in the comity of the nations. The Muslims also ruled the world when they had the best education. Pakistan is faced with so many challenges on economic, social, and cultural ends. All these challenges are severely hampering the growth and progress of the country not only at national but also at international level. All these challenges are some way or the other can be addressed as nothing is impossible. Education can be that one thing that can help in overcoming all these challenges. A strong and effective education system is the need of the hour if we really want to get out of the gruesome situation.
Unfortunately, so far we have not been able to provide education to the masses. Illiteracy itself is a big problem. Our literacy rate is 58.7% as per the statistics of the government of Pakistan. This is way behind than that of the developed countries. Evan in South Asia we are lagging behind almost all the countries. Our neighbor India has 74% literacy rate while Sri Lanka at 91%. We have the second highest number of the children not going to school. All these factors indicate the miserable condition of education in our country.

Now, coming to the problems being faced by Pakistan, their dependence on the education and how an effective education system can help in addressing all of these problems.
First of all, poor economic condition of the country is the most serious problem. Large fiscal deficit, large trade deficit, high inflation rate and small foreign reserves indicate the poor condition of the economy. Agriculture, Industry, and services sector are the main components of the economy
Terrorism is another major problem of Pakistan. Terrorists fail to distinguish between right and wrong and think that by supporting the terrorists they are doing the right thing. Illiterate people easily fall prey to the wrong interpretations of the religion by these terrorists for their own vested interests. Educated class is better equipped to deal with these non state actors and their wrong ideology.

In the matters of the state, people are exploited by the politicians to serve their own interests. Whenever their interests are at stake, they start playing Sindh card, Azad Baluchistan, Jaag Punjabi Jaag and Pakhtunistan mantra. Using these cheap tactics they have weakened the federation. Take the case of Kalabagh dam. In this economic crunch and shortage of the electricity, it is the best project to go for, for the early resolution of the electricity shortage. But due to political interests, no political leader is in a position to go for it. If people are educated then they will not play in the hands of the politicians who misguide them. This way educated masses will prefer and promote culture of national integration instead of division on the provincial lines.

Similarly, sectarianism has become a constant threat to the existence of our country. The poor and illiterate masses are exploited by the Mullah’s in the name of the religion. So many people have been killed and being killed every day. So called scholars of the religion fail to impart the teaching of Islam in true sense. Instead of healthy dialogue which is important and compulsory part of our religion, path of violence is adopted and many innocents are killed every day just because they do not follow the interpretation of a particular sect.
Last but not the least; weak democratic setup in our country is also because of illiteracy. Educated people know the value of their vote, they know their responsibilities, they know their rights and they are very difficult to be exploited. They act as a check on the leaders and demand the answer of their questions. .

From the preceding discussion it is clear that we need a strong education system to impart quality education to the citizens of this country. We need to revise our course as the current course content are outdated and does not meet the requirements of our country. Uniform education system needs to be adopted all across the Pakistan to provide equal opportunities to all citizens. Teachers are an important part of any education system. Special attention needs to be given on training of the teachers and we must ensure that our best brains are hired in this sector. This is how we will be able to equip our new generation with the required skills to deal with all the problems and challenges.
The crux of this whole discussion is that all the challenges that we are facing can be addressed with education. There may be temporary solutions other than education that can be helpful in addressing in economic, social, cultural and all other problems but the long lasting solution lies in education. Education will inculcate inherent capacity in our coming generations to overcome all problems. It will open a new era of progress, development and progress in every field. It will make our society a welfare society where all will be living in peace and harmony.