These apps can help you find new like minded friends


Technology has made life less demanding for people nowadays. In this digital era, friends can be made with the click of a button. Here are the top five companies making apps that will help one socialise and make new friends:

* Dogether: An app for not just meeting people around the neighbourhood with similar interests, but also to engage in mutually desirable activities. The app enables the user to post an activity that they anticipate doing like travelling, a pet show or mixed drinks and they can support or deny individuals who wish to accompany.

* Meet up: This app acts as a meeting portal for new individuals. It’s free and enables individuals to compose bunches around normal topics, interests, or thoughts.

* Couchsurfing: The approach used by this app permits users to remain connected with local people, make travel companions, or host voyagers going to the place where they grew up or currently reside.

* Happn: This app helps one to find people they’ve run into and would like to know more about. It gives an opportunity to talk to them and socialise.

* Bumble BFF: An app that helps those seeking strictly platonic relationships. It shows user profiles to other people who are looking for non-romantic connections and companions.

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