Muslims Genocide and Our Silence


Hassan Ahmad


Genocide is an attempt to exterminate people, not to alter their behavior. Generally speaking, genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation, except when accomplished by mass killings of all members of a nation. It is intended rather to signify a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves.
It is a phenomenon that has taken place throughout the history. The hunger of power and ethnocentrism has made the man to kill his own kind brutally and mercilessly. The American holocaust, Australian aboriginals massacre, New Zealand mass killings of indigenous people, Nazi killings, Muslims massacre are the worst examples of genocide in the world history.

In the current scenario of the world, the Muslims massacre is the ongoing phenomena either on ethnic basis, religious basis or sectarian basis throughout the world. It has caused the grave negative political, social, economic, environmental effects among the victims and suspended the regional peace. This brutal massacre has resulted in the political unrest and poverty along with weakening of infrastructure and has ruined the nation.

There should be the strict check by the UN and the implementation of law and order by the governments to avoid such situations before they happen. The ban on hate speech should be observed strictly to avoid agitation among the masses.

It is a basic right of every human being to live. The genocide is an open exploitation of basic human rights which should be prevented collectively and strictly. The institutes erected in the name of law and order and legislative have the responsibility to prevent such a heinous act to happen at all. The interpretation of religions is also a main cause of peace and genocide as well.

With the open message of peace and humanity from all the major religions of world one can wonder that what makes the man to kill another man. Indeed, it is the ethnocentrism propagated among followers either on religious basis or sectarian basis which resulted in the consequences that the world is facing today named as genocide.

Our homeland Pakistan, a land acquired on the base of Islamic belief and to practice Islamic tenets is also under the wave of genocide of its inhabitants. They are none other than Muslims. The massacre of Shia indigenous community in Pakistan is the victims of this ongoing genocide.

According to a report published in the telegraph, more than 320 Shia’s have been killed in the wake of sectarian violence’s during few years. The massacre of hundreds of Muslims in Burma by Buddhists was done on religion basis in 2012. The same is the case with the brutal mass killings of Muslims in Bosnia. The Muslims are being killed in Gaza and Kashmir on their religious basis and territorial disputes.

The history is filled with the Muslim genocide throughout the world. The killings of Muslim by Sikhs and Hindus after partition of India and Pakistan in 1947. The atrocities of Bengali Muslims in the 1971. The massacre of Muslims in Gujarat (India) 2002. These are the wounds of brutality which have not healed yet.

The causes of Muslim genocide are categorized on the two bases. First of all, the killings of Muslims by Muslims on sectarian basis and secondly the killing of Muslims by other communities on religious basis and territorial basis.

The killing of Muslims on religious basis is the result of ethnocentrism among the masses and killing on territorial basis is the power play of the politics. this is done for the acquiring of territory from the indigenous community as is the case in Kashmir, Bosnia, Gaza and Burma. These killings either of any basis has resulted into the economical fall and poverty among the massacred community. It has put a big question mark on the world peace. The use of chemical and biological nukes had initiated the grave environmental consequences. the broken families’ due to killings has subjected the victims towards adverse social effects.

Genocide is the world’s worst international human rights problem. Genocide is almost always carried out by a country’s own military and police forces, the usual national forces such as the case in Bosnia, Chechnya, Kashmir and Gaza so law and order cannot stop it. International intervention is usually required. But because the world lacks an international rapid response force, and because the United Nations has so far been either paralyzed or unwilling to act, genocide has gone unchecked.

Pakistan government takes precautionary measures but still the worst incidents happen. So, in-order to prevent such things the government should effectively and strictly check the activities of banned militant organizations. The Pakistan electronic media regulatory authority(PEMRA) should put ban on such TV shows and programs which promotes hate-speech among the masses and results in the agitation.

The UNO has its major role towards the assurance of global peace. The Convention of punishment and prevention of crime of genocide-CPPCG has been recognized by the United Nations. The person guilty of genocide is tried by the international criminal court. But the response of the UN is not that much rapid which results in the luxury of time for the worst events to happen.

Peace is the mantra of all the scriptures and teachings of the Prophets, saints and sages. To put the world in the path of peace is the collective responsibility of religious saints, sages and Ulema in collaboration with the international peace organizations and the UNO.