Censorship can be justified


Hassan Ahmad

Censorship is all about deciding on what people can see and deciding on what people can view within the media. Censorship is the suppression of speech or other public communication, which may be considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive or inconvenient as determined by the government, media outlet or controlling body. It clocks out content which mainly is harmful to people and it aims to protect children and vulnerable people by block and removing content from media to limit and restrict what they can see. The government can retain people from seeing content in the media by removing it and only letting the public see what the government want them to see. Censorship can happen on a massive level like that or on a more local level where religious school remove the big bang from the school curriculum so the children don’t have different beliefs on how the world started. Censorship has lots of different areas from black inappropriate content to removing content so people only know one way or limits their opinions on something. Censorship can be editing parts from television/TV show out, prevention of advertising, promote/restrict political/religious views, prevent slender and libel. Restrict information from people.
The right on freedom of thought and expression is guaranteed by laws and constitutions of virtually all states. However, sometimes facts of censorship confirm that legal guarantees do not always backed by a genuine awareness of the importance of freedom of speech. Nowadays, the right to freely express own beliefs is regarded as one of the strongest pillars of modern democracy. Social harmony and progress does not override the existence of a rather large sphere of private life, whose boundaries can be violated neither by the state nor by any other authority for philosophers who hold an optimistic view on human nature and believe in the possibility of harmonization of human interests.

Censoring violent acts are compulsory. It is important that a community protects itself from violence as it can have a negative influence on people and disrupt the peace by affecting the mental and social health of people. Violent scenes can often increase peoples’ brutal instincts. People can become arrogant, mean, boring, rude, and aggressive due to violence.
Another reason why it is important to censor violent acts is that in the third world countries majority of the population is uneducated. When these illiterate and semi-illiterate humans watch these movies, they are unable to understand and analyze the situation in the movie. It has been observed that if the movie contains criminal acts like murder, kidnapping etc, these people take ideas from the movie and do it in reality may- be to earn money in their otherwise miserable lives.

Censorship is extremely necessary in keeping the peace and harmony of a country. In the present turbulent times, religion does give peace of mind to an individual however if religion is used to hurt the sentiments of the people who believe in certain ideology, then censorship should be used to protect the people from getting hurt.

Some people might argue that every individual has fundamental right for correct information and by censoring the contents of the news we are distorting the facts. In some cases it does happen like that, however I feel that if by using censorship one can save a few lives then it is totally justified. Censorship is also necessary to protect the individual’s private lives. We all know how Princess Diana was always chased by the media people and her private life as well as her public life was written about. Most of the Hollywood stars and other celebrities often become victim of this also. Censorship is often used to protect their private lives and their identities.

Another circumstance where I don’t agree that censorship can be used is within the education. Within this scenario religious schools will not allow the children to know the story of the big bang and how the earth started scientifically.

The world we live in now the Internet is used every day by billions of people. The Internet can be very dodgy as it contains material that lots people do not want to come into contact with such as porn, gambling, violence, indecent images and videos etc… because of this the internet should have censorship to protect people from the harmful content that it contains. Blocks should be put on porn sites and other nasty sites that contain content which is indecent. This platform of media is the most dangerous and therefore should contain censorship to stop the harmful content reaching people and reaching children who are just browsing the net.
Censorship is necessary however one should assess the situation and decide how much, where and why. I strongly feel that if by censoring certain acts, one can save some lives and maintain general peace and harmony in the society then it is worth the effort. Even though censorship is restricting freedom in a way it’s making world a safer place to live in.