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Nawaz, shehbaz address supporters concluding ‘homecoming’ rally

LAHORE: Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, addressing and thanking his supporters at Data Darbar, said that the city’s voters had made him the prime minister but “five people sent him home”.

The former premier, in his final address after various stopovers during a four-day rally, said that in the entire history of the country not one prime minister was allowed to complete their tenure and were removed under a conspiracy.

“All prime ministers were removed. Were all of them corrupt,” asked Nawaz.

He asked if the dictators who “have eaten away 30 years of Pakistan” will ever be held accountable.

He implored his supporters to take a stand against this treatment of prime ministers, saying “there is no country [in the world] like Pakistan where there is no importance of the votes of the masses”.

Condemning the blast near Quetta’s Pishin Stop earlier today, Nawaz Sharif said that he is extremely saddened over the death of common citizens and security personnel in the blast. The former premier expressed sympathies for the families of those affected.

Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif addressing the rally before Nawaz Sharif said that the youth participating in the rally have proved Imran Khan wrong.

“Not one accusation of corruption has been proven against us,” he said.

Earlier addressing his supporters at Shahdara, Nawaz said that his disqualification verdict was not accepted by the masses and together with the people change will be brought to Pakistan.

“You have to support me. Promise that you will support Nawaz Sharif,” said the former premier.

He said he will not sit with ease and neither will the people sit at ease till betterment is brought to the country.

“I have come from Islamabad, and all along the route people rejected the verdict,” said Nawaz.

“The case started with Panama, and I was ousted over an iqama,” said Nawaz referring to the verdict passed in the Panama Papers case.

PML-N supporters were seen rejoicing at Nawaz’s arrival at the venue.

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