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LHC to take up contempt petition against Nawaz today

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court will take up a petition alleging contempt charges against former prime minister Nawaz Sharif today.

The petition states that the former premier, during his recently completed GT Road rally from Islamabad to Rawalpindi, undermined the Supreme Court and attempted to charge the public against the apex court and other state institutions.

The petition pleads that Nawaz should be tried for treason as well as contempt of court.

After being disqualified by the Supreme Court on July 28 in its verdict in the Panama Papers case, Nawaz ‘went to the people’s court’ for support. He left Islamabad on Wednesday in the shape of a cavalcade and ended his ‘GT Road rally’ in Lahore on Saturday night after making pit-stops in Rawalpindi, Jhelum, Gujrat and Gujranwala, among other towns.

Addressing supporters in Rawalpindi late Wednesday night, Nawaz took a pledge from the people that they would get their mandate respected.

“Promise me you would get your mandate respected. Promise me you won’t allow your prime minister to be humiliated this way,” he stated.

“If you do not protect your rights, they will continue to be snatched away from you,” he told supporters.

“The judges said there is no corruption case against Nawaz Sharif, so why was I disqualified? I leave this for history to determine,” noted the three-time premier.

Speaking to supporters in Jhelum on Thursday, the former premier said it was the people’s mandate which brought him to power and he was ousted “in a minute”.

“Now, five honoured judges, ousted a democratically elected prime minister with the stroke of a pen in a minute,” said Nawaz.

He asked the people gathered to question the decision of the leading to his ouster.

“There was no corruption, there was no wrong doing.”

“You choose a prime minister by voting for him, but then a judge or a military dictator tears up your vote. This needs to change if Pakistan is to progress,” said Nawaz.

“The average for a democratically elected prime minister in Pakistan is a year and a half. Dictators rule the country for 10 years but a prime minister cannot even complete his tenure.”

“Is any court to punish dictators, dictators who have violated the Constitution,” questioned the former premier.

A day later, addressing a massive crowd in Gujrat, Nawaz again asked for support to help him bring change to the country.

Playing to the crowd of supporters, Nawaz asked if the people had accepted the verdict against his premiership, the question received a resounding chorus from the crowd which answered in the negative.

Reiterating his statements from his address a day earlier in Jhelum, Nawaz said the mandate of the people was torn apart when he was kicked out of office.

The disqualified premier also reiterated that he had not indulged in any corrupt activities.

“Why was Nawaz Sharif ousted? Someone should tell me what corruption charges I am facing. The judges are saying that Nawaz Sharif has not done corruption. The nation is asking why I was ousted?”

“Millions voted for Nawaz Sharif and a few dishonourably ousted Nawaz Sharif.”

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