President calls for halting experiments with system of governance

ISLAMABAD: President Mamnoon Hussain has called for halting experiments with the systems of governance in Pakistan and urged the nation to get united under the Cons­titution to ensure its supremacy which is vital for the country’s development.

Speaking at a flag-hoisting ceremony to commemorate the country’s 71st Independence Day at the Convention Centre here on Monday, the president said the nation’s temperament was primarily democratic and parliamentary as they had repeatedly reposed their confidence in the democratic system.

“It is ironic that the system in line with our temperament could not be fully developed,” he said.

It was the main ceremony of the day which was also attended by Chin­ese Vice Premier Wang Yang, besides Prime Minis­ter Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, National Assembly Speaker Ayaz Sadiq, Senate Chair­man Raza Rabbani, chiefs of three services, parliamentarians, diplomats and people from different walks of life.

“Since creation of Pakis­tan, we have done different experiments with systems of government. But why have we been unable to find uniformity in such affairs?” asked the president, and then responded that one reason could be that instead of giving due time to these systems for proper development, “we become restless” due to which these systems could not fully develop according to their natural pace. “That is why it is imperative that before treading a new path, experiences of the past should be thoroughly reviewed,” he said.

Mr Hussain urged the nation, especially stakeholders, to unite under the Constitution in the larger national interest by setting aside their differences, and ensure its supremacy.

“The Cons­titution is a document which will show path to realise national objectives by rising above our personal interests,” he said, adding that it would also guarantee progress and stability of the motherland as a manifestation of national aspirations.

The president said the national issues should be judged in their true aspects without giving way to emotional tendencies.

“It is good to think and be concerned about future of the country, but it is not right to be dejected because the nations which tread the path with great determination are always successful in overcoming their challenges,” he added.

“Nowadays some circles are raising questions about the suitability of the present system. It is good to think about national matters, but while doing so it is necessary that such matters should be seen in the right perception.

“I want to make it clear that if sanity did not prevail in the current situation then our dreams of economic revival will not be materialised and the nation will never forgive us for this laxity,” the president said.

Speaking as a chief guest on the occasion, the Chinese vice premier highlighted the significance of Pakistan-China ties and expressed his government’s determination to support Pakistan in its efforts for development, regional stability and securing its national interests and sovereignty.

Mr Wang recounted Pakistan’s support for China in difficult times and said all weather friendship stood the tests of time. Under the vision of President Xi Jinping, he said, China wanted to further take this strategic partnership to new heights.

He said the Chinese government desired to accelerate and accomplish mega projects launched under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) for greater economic prosperity of the Pakistani nation.

Schoolchildren dressed in national attire and carrying national flags cheered loudly during the speech of the Chinese guest.

Later, the Senate chairman and the National Assembly speaker laid a wreath at the memorial of forgotten heroes of democracy inside parliament.