Coach Mickey Arthur rubbishes Umar Akmal’s allegations

KARACHI: Pakistan team’s head coach Micky Arthur has brushed aside the allegations leveled against him by the middle order batsman Umar Akmal.

Following Akmal’s press conference, Arthur denied that he abused the middle order batsman, but confirmed that he scolded him for using facilities at NCA.

“Umar Akmal wanted to use Grant Folower’s services for batting. I told him he must first earn the right to go and play club cricket since he is not under PCB contract anymore.” Arthur said in an interview after the press conference.

“He needs to prove himself before he uses our support staff,” he added.

Akmal had accused Arthur of mistreating him, abusing him and stopping him from training at National Cricket Academy.

However, Arthur said that he didn’t stop Akmal from using NCA but only stopped him from using services of coaching staff.

“I never stopped him from using the academy, told him not to use services of our support staff until he earns the right,” Arthur revealed.

“Umar Akmal cannot expect that the support staff, who are for contracted players, are at his beck and call. No body there should be taken for granted,” he said.