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Adv. Latif Butt

In chronicle of world, politics play a sine qua non role. Similarly, in 21st century its significance is more vast than other times, it is said in international relations ‘National interest’ is only perpetual thing and these interests are based on international relations in regional politics it gains more value owing to in regions politics is done, on keeping an eye on neighborhood, rivals, foes, competition, allies and many other things, in both national and international level ,to comprehend politics it is crucial to have keen interest in regional politics because regions are now most important for national and international politics.
To see the relation of Pakistan and world politics let’s have a glimpse of pak relations with its neighbor in south Asia region to evaluate its impact on world politics.
Pakistan’s almost 7 thousand kilometer border is linked with most vital countries of the world. It included Afghanistan, Iran, China and India. All 4 countries have their pivotal role in Asia region as well as in world politics. In India there is Premier Narendra Modi’s regime. His track record is not so clear, he is known for his atrocities and barbarisms in Indian Gujarat massacre of Muslims. This kind of mind set has grave impact of Indian politics as well as on world politics. It’s due to his behavior that Pakistan. India relation is on this verge that both countries didn’t do talks. There is no constructive development in relations. These two states are regarded most vulnerable and there is always jeopardy of nuclear war between them. All these situations definitely affect the world politics as a constant fear for region and world because America and other powers have their interests in both countries. The bone of contention is Issue of Kashmir until this problem not resolves the situation will remain same. And the powers like US and Russia won’t ever want to settle this issue because how would they sale their arms and ammunitions which strengthen their economy.so they do politics and axioms such policies that sustain their interest in both sides.
Secondly, we will talk about Pak afghan relations which are since the inception of Pakistan are in doldrums. There is always embezzlement in Afghanistan who have always claimed that the KPK provinces of Pakistan is Afghanistan’s part and parcel due to its habitants are Pashtuns, then afghan alleged Pakistan for terrorism activities in Afghanistan and vice versa. Afghanistan is also pivotal in world politics if there is stability in Afghanistan there would be peace in world and whole world leaders wanted sustain sustainability. its instance can be seen in heart of Asia conference where both countries can play their role to eradicate terrorism if they destroy safe heavens of terrorist on border areas but Afghanistan on contrary consider Pakistan for terrorism albeit Mullah Fazalullah is in Pakistan who is responsible of hundreds terrorist activities in Pakistan which itself is the biggest victim of terrorism and lost almost 70 thousands lives in the terrorist activities. All these facts create different image of both countries and world politics directly or indirectly linked with this.
Iran is among the countries which have great impact on world politics and it’s a crucial neighbor of Pakistan and its power is oil. last year premier Nawaz Sharif and chief of army staff visited Tehran capital of Iran albeit the aim of visit was reconciliation between Iran and Saudi Arabia in this visit both neighbors  came closer and Iran’s president visited Pakistan. Iran is the country who stood against America and Israel and in lieu of this she faces economic sanctions. Now new president make a deal with America in response all sanctions were remove but recent missile test make the whole world astonished and America and U.N sit together to cope with Iran. All these happening are playing important role in world politics.
Now its turn of sino-pak relation. Pakistan and china are true friends. China is world’s 2nd largest economy and about to become superpower. Their ties can have great impact on world politics. The China Pakistan Economic corridor is proving a game changer and will have great influence on world politics. Now situation is reverse Europe is under terror of terrorism and east is becoming world’s attention due to biggest market and swift economic growth so this region has great impact on world politics. The anticipation that Pakistan, china, Russia and Iran are going to be in one alliance seems becoming true. This is a positive step which bring prosperity in region as well is world and also in politics.
Rest of the world is also changing America is closer to India than ever. Both countries have done combine army exercise this year and a pact that both countries would use bases for defense then in pak-russia relation we see more closeness recently both countries undertook army exercise which bring both countries closer. The support of Russia in heart of Asia conference is also a proof of close ties and future of politics in region.
So in nutshell, Pakistan is most crucial country in region and world regarding politics and economic activities. Pakistan must now work according to its interest as in start it was mention interest are more vital in international relations. There must be a slogan Pakistan comes first.

The writer is a practicing lawyer and a student of Development journalism at University of the Punjab.

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