Singer Humera Arshad levels allegations of abuse against husband

LAHORE: Singer Humera Arshad on Wednesday levelled accusations against her husband, alleging that he attacked her home and beat up her family, Geo News reported.

Arshad claimed that Ahmed Butt – her spouse of more than 10 years – also threatened her of “dire consequences” and refused to hand over their six-year-old son.

The pop singer said that Butt, 41, had promised her the custody of their child against the condition that she would transfer the ownership of her house to his name.

However, despite having come to an agreement with her husband regarding the aforementioned condition, Arshad says he assaulted her and her family. She explained how Butt attacked her nephew when he, along with his father (Arshad’s brother), came to her rescue.

The musician stated that her husband wants to claim the custody of her child and take her house and money as well. She said Butt also threatened her, stating that she would have to face “dire consequences” and that he would publicly accuse her of blasphemy.

“He said he wouldn’t have to kill me after that because the public will eventually take care of whether I live or die,” Arshad said, referring to Butt’s threat of lying to the public that she was a blasphemer.

According to Butt, the bone of contention between the couple is their son’s future. While Butt wants his son to become a doctor while Arshad wants him to enter the entertainment industry.

Butt – a Pakistani model and actor – asserted that he went home to see his child when Arshad’s brothers pounced upon and tortured him. He subsequently made a call to 15.

The actor also appeared in a short video clip – available with Geo News – wherein he is seen wearing a torn shirt, which, according to him, is the result of the fight between him and Arshad’s brothers.

Following an emergency call that the singer made to police helpline 15, Butt, alongside his brother and a friend, were detained at a police station but not formally arrested since no case has been filed yet.

Geo News has obtained exclusive footage from what transpired in the couple’s home in the eastern city of Lahore.

A report detailing calls made to the police emergency helpline has been filed at the police station.

On Thursday, a local court granted bail to Ahmed Butt and Arshad’s brothers. Both the parties told the court that they have resolved their differences.

The ghazal singer has been embroiled in a testing relationship with her husband, appearing time and again on news over the years for publicly accusing each other of fraud and abuse, among other things.

The two had tied the knot in a love marriage over a decade ago, in 2004.

Things took a turn for the worse when, back in May 2015, Arshad formally announced she and her husband were going their separate ways, refuting allegations that Butt levelled against her, and, instead, accusing him of deceit, domestic violence, and attempts to kidnap their son.

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