Two minor girls assaulted by close relatives in Chakwal

CHAKWAL: Two minor girls, including one eight-year-old were allegedly assaulted by their close relatives, according to reports.

The incident occurred in the area on August 13 but the family could not report the incident because of external pressures.

The accused, who was the step father of the victim, confessed to his crime as soon as he was arrested. He works as a security guard and married the victim’s mother around three years back.

Although the accused has confessed, the report of a medical examination is still awaited according to the police.

In another incident a 13 year old girl was assaulted by a close relative in another area of the city. He too confessed to his crimes upon his arrest.

In this case, the medical reports did confirm that the girl was assaulted.

Police is carrying out further investigation of the matte