Pervaiz Malik to lead NA-120 election campaign

LAHORE: PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif has removed his nephew, Hamza Shehbaz, as in-charge of NA-120 election campaign.According to sources, Nawaz called a meeting in Jati Umrah on Thursday where he asked federal minister Pervaiz Malik to take over as in-charge of the election campaign for his wife, Begum Kulsoom Nawaz.

Reportedly,Pervaiz Malik had asked Nawaz to let Hamza run the election campaign but his request was denied by the former prime minister.

Sources also added that Hamza said, after his removal, that he is a political worker and will continue his political activities. However, later Hamza expressed his displeasure and signaled to his close confidantes that he would leave the country during the election campaign.

In a sign of an apparent rift with in the Sharif family, Shehbaz earlier today refrained PML-N leaders from making statements against state institutions. Sources have claimed that the decision by the Punjab chief minister was taken unilaterally and Nawaz’s approval was not sought.

Earlier, the nomination papers of Kulsoom Nawaz, PML-N’s candidate for NA-120 by-election, were accepted by a returning officer.

The NA-120 seat fell vacant following the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif as the prime minister by the Supreme Court on July 28. In the 2013 General Elections, Nawaz had won the seat by a substantial margin, defeating PTI’s Yasmin Rashid – who will be contesting for the seat this time around too.