Security threat to Mall Road and other areas in Lahore

Security forces in Punjab have been put on high alert following a terror threat warning issued by intelligence agencies on Monday, 21 August. The advisory warns of possible terror attack on Mall Road and other sensitive areas of the city, in coming days.

According to the alert, anti-Pakistan forces could target busy markets and public places in Lahore and government installations as well as hostels situated on Mall Road.

The government has directed district administration and law enforcement agencies to tighten security as lawyers have resorted to protests on the Mall owing to a verdict passed today by high court chief justice.

Reportedly, at least 400 personnel of a dedicated unit of a law enforcement agency are to be appointed at the high court at 05:00am while another 500 personnel would remain alert at civil lines police station.

Lahore was earlier hit by terrorism in February that claimed at least 14 lives and wounded dozens of others.  A suicide bomber carried out the attack on the Mall near Punjab Assembly.

It is worth mentioning here that Lahore has faced many terrorist activities this year, including Arfa Karim IT Tower blast that killed 26 people and the Charing Cross blast in which 13 people lost their lives including Lahore’s Chief Traffic Officer Captain (retd) Ahmed Mobin.

Meanwhile, A severe security threat looms in Lahore ahead of Eid-ul-Azha, as tens of thousands of sacrificial animals are being brought in the city from all parts of the province in trucks and loaders; there is a high risk of explosive materials being potentially transported into Lahore through these vehicles, owing to a lack of mechanism for surveillance from law enforcement agencies to properly check these transporters, it has been observed.