Dirty politics of Pakistan

Arooj Baig

Political system in the country is in doldrums. The contours of political systemization are topsy- turvy which is causing chaos and anarchical situation paving way of imbalance in society. The system is riddled with sordidness which needs to be transformed into a healthy sort of system to deliver services to public in general and to the country.

The politics is ambivalent. It can be beneficial as well as damaging. The political system which is public eccentric would deliver to public while the other system is an impediment in the way to progress and development of country.

Our disruptive and rotten political system is becoming a challenge in a sense of impedances in the way of progress. There is more focus in the struggle of holding the high positions rather to focus on national interest and its relationship with foreign countries. This is still a question in every one’s minds that why this country could not yet reach to the better point where we can observe a stable political system, managed economic system and the good governess of state as well as establishment.

It has been 70 years of its independence and we are still long way from reaching a point of stability.  Many of governments were made and dissolved. Many efforts were made to develop a well formulated political system to better run the country. Many democracies were observed in different times to put their efforts best to lead the country toward the progress. But so far, there is no real politics but just the blaming and scandalizing of each other’s party.


Pakistan has been a victim of self-centered and destructive politics since its inception which has only worsened the state of institutions.


A very anarchic situation is being observed for last couple of years. Each and every field is being disrupted along with political upheaval. Not a single field is too strong and well stabilized to say no to corruption and disruption.

A truly so called and bad politics is being done by a political parties. The question is this how can our homeland can progress and prosper in this acute disruptive situation. No adherence and coherence to the values and principals which can work to betterment.

I can safely say that there will remain no sense of progress if we will be involved in scandalizing and name calling to each other anymore. There is no respect for democracy even and on the other hand no anyone understands the real gist of democracy.

It seems insane to blame fighting for only a selfish struggle for the positions which result in rotten politics. Self-interests and poor politics have derailed the true essence of democracy in our country. The democracy should be the reflection of good governance, organized and strong political system in ideal state.

Vice versa there is no doubt that Pakistan is rich in metals and minerals resources, Affluent in warm water resources, rich in land reservations and versatility. Even this is called the ‘Golden Sparrow’ by other countries due to its beauty and charms. Issue is the complex and serious nature of the point of its systems either that is socio- political or economical.

There is a dire need to concentrate and to make undaunted efforts for the betterment of entire system under which a country demonstrate. Our country can be a dynamic and ideal state if we consider pondering upon to make better our system by putting aside our self interest to gain more power and money.





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