Readying Balochistan for CPEC


The success and implementation of CPEC depends largely on restoration of peace in Balochistan to facilitate the development of the necessary infrastructure. The federal government and the military establishment have been working relentlessly on a two-pronged strategy to restore writ of the state in the province and ending the decade old insurgency. The first is the use of the military muscle, as part of the National Action Plan, to quell the foreign supported and funded insurgency. A number of operations have been carried out against insurgents and terrorists leading to considerable decline in sabotage and terrorism in the province. The second is the initiation of a special plan known as ‘Pur Aman Balochistan’ which has already started producing results as fararis and armed men are surrendering before the authorities and are being helped to start new lives. The result is that the province is now more stable and peaceful as compared to four years ago.

To protect the Chinese and Pakistanis working on the CPEC projects and the infrastructure being created through CPEC, a special force comprising 15,000 personnel has been raised. The development of infrastructure, especially the corridor roads, have been entrusted to FWO which according to the reports has already completed the construction of 870 km of the portion of the western corridor in the province.

The Army has also put in place commendable initiatives in the education sector. It has also created employment opportunities for Baloch youth by recruiting thousands of them in the Army. These measures have immensely contributed to eliminating the sense of deprivation in the province and thereby denying the insurgents of a legitimate cause to mislead the Baloch youth. These efforts surely need to be strengthened and supplemented through other steps devoid of political expediencies and firmly rooted in the recognition of ground realities. The military action against the insurgents designed to establish the writ of the state in the province must continue with unruffled commitment.


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Mian Bilal