Remembering Hajj 3

Abida Rehmani

Nov27th 10th Zilhajj Eid day

After getting back , had a bath and changed, now we were out of Ihraam and most of the restrictions were gone. It was announced earlier that our sacrifices Qurbanis have been done. We greeted each other Eid- Mubarak. the ladies got busy in threading, nail cutting and make ups.Received calls from sons , family members and brothers Alhamdolillah. It rained again today.

Then we started to leave for jamaraat for Rammi ( stoning the symbol pillars of Shaitan)I put on my joggers, it was a long walk but thoroughly enjoyable. The way to Jamarrat is specially designed, what an amazing rout and complex!! Saudi Govt has spend a lot of money and expertise in designing this complex. We went through three big tunnels equipped with big blowers , lots of plastic bottles sucked up to it.

The flow of people was like a flooding sea on wide roads reciting Talbiyah and getting to encounter the symbols of shaitan. That Shaitan who came in the way of Ibrahim (AS) to stop him from sacrificing his son Ismail by the orders of Allah (swT). Ibrahim threw pebbles on Shaitan while proceeding on his way. His act was so much appreciated by almighty that he made it a ritual of Hajj till the Day of Judgment. I was over whelmed with this gigantic flow of hajis. They were of different colors, creeds and nationalities. Most of the groups were greatly organized and distinguished with their coats, hats ,ribbons .caps,shoes, trousers, skirts,scarfs etc. Most of those were Malaysians, Indonesians, Chinese, Turkish and from other countries.

During my last hajj we were not allowed to go for Rami because of the great rush and accidents. We were asked to give our stones or pebbles to our Mehrams. Therefore no one in ladies from our camp went. I was sick too down with flu and it was always on my mind because some of the scholars in Pakistan said that it is a compulsory act. When Ahad, Jamshed bhai and Nadeem got back from Rami there feet were badly hurt and chappals missing. This time we were wearing our regular shoes or joggers because the sheikh told us that women can wear any type of shoes and the men wore strong sandals too .The men were not out of Ihraam as yet because they had to shave.I was greatly excited this time and thanked Allah for granting me this opportunity again.

This was a huge complex, Jamarrat were erected as in the shape of wide pillars going through. many stories and all the precautions were taken to avoid accidents. It was a very smooth flow. Hajis coming in groups and moving towards other Jamra. The pebbles we collected from Muzdalifa in the size of a chick pea and we were supposed to throw seven on each jamrah saying bismillahi Allahu akbar. After completing this ritual we were on our way back and stopped under a bridge on the road. There men went for shaving their heads or haircut, we did a little bit with our scissors and each other’s help.

Many hajis had spread out their mats, sitting and sipping tea. We accommodate ourselves with them, later on we offered maghrib prayers .Saw a few Pakistanis from Punjab looking for some lost relatives. We tried to help them out. On our way to Jamaraat we recited Talbiyah, now on our way back we have to recite Takbeer. All the intention for glorifying the greatness of Allah(swt). We did the same on 11th Zilhajj. Some of our people went on their own to do Tawafi- Ziarat which is like an Umra doing Tawaf and Sae in Haram. This is the end part of Hajj. For the rest of us the Sheikh assured us that we can do it later without any penalty. ThiCheck Spellings Tawaf is a must for a married couple, with out that they can not relate to each other physically.

Nov 29th 12th zilhaj

Today we again went for Rammi, this time our sheikh guided us all the way up on escalators. I’ve gone up and down long escalators in different amusement parks and buildings but this was a unique experience. Going all the way up to hit Shaitan(the pillars symbol of devil) we went through  four sets of high escalators. After hitting shaitan we went all around the roof to have a glimpse of Mina the tented city for Hajis. There were a series of tents up in the hills and those were VIP tents.

Nov30th 13th Zilhajj

Today we were leaving Mina and after Rammi were heading to Haram for tawafi ziarat and then to Azizia. We did our packing, rolled up our blankets, sheets and pillows and started waiting for bus. This was the last day for all hajis at Mina. We had to take a long way for bus. The streets were just littered with all kind of garbage, a lot of food stuff was thrown out too.

We did rammi and came back to bus which dropped us at the inside door of haram. It wasMaghrib time, offered prayers on stairs and then went for Tawaf . Some of it did upstairs on the top floor, then on the second floor . After doing Saee went in search of food to Burjul Bait where we were supposed to meet other companions and then to ride in bus. We ate at Hardie’s an American franchise. It was nice burger and here it was Halaal. We had some tea and roamed in the area. An upscale mall and food court of course.

Around 12:30 am we sat on the bus and came back to Azizia.

Alhamdolillah our Hajj was over and in a couple of days we were leaving for Toronto.

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