Senator Talha reached Myanmar to help Rohingya Muslims

KARACHI: Senator Talha Mehmood reached on Sunday In Myanmar to help the prosecuted minority of Myanmar rohingya Muslims. He said that situation is beyond imagination. International community need to wake to resolve the issues of refugees.

“The conditions here are really bad,” said Talha Mehmood while speaking to media. The people are sleeping under trees, they have no proper tents or any clothes to wear, he added.

“There are no arrangements for the refugees, no food, no clothes, no tents,” he remarked.

There is also a lot of misconception about the situation. It is being claimed that the border has been opened but that it is not correct, he said, adding the border is opened for a limited number of hours.

Speaking about the things that the refugees need the most, Mehmood said that the Rohingya refugees “want cooked food immediately umbrella or a place to live in.”

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