Priyanka learns to write her name in Arabic

MUMBAI : International famed Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra visited Syrian refugee children in Jordan, who were displaced because of the civil war.

The Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF has also learnt to write her name in Arabic language while she also taught the children to write their names in English.

“We need to take it into our own hands because this is our world and we only have one of it,” Chopra told The Associated Press at the end of her first day in Jordan.

Without sufficient support, “this can be an entire generation of kids that could turn to extremism because they have not got an education,” she said.

Priyanka Chopra working to get equality for women in film industry

Priyanka Chopra says she is “digging her feet in” to get equality for women in the film industry so that they can get the meatier roles like their male counterparts. The 35-year-old star says she wants to make things easier for the next generation of female actors in Hollywood, reported Entertainment Tonight. “Well first of all, just to take a step back, women had had to choose what they wanna make because parts are not written in Hollywood or entertainment,” she said.

“We’re so far behind, I mean we just had Wonder Woman, which is our first big major female superhero movie directed by a female. We’ve just had one director that’s ever won an Academy Award who is female ever in the history of entertainment. I mean, come on!” Priyanka says. The actor, who attended the Toronto International Film Festival, where her production Pahuna: The Little Visitors premiered, says she is happy that the festival is doing their bit to help females in entertainment. “…I’m digging my feet in and not gonna settle ever,” she said. “Because it’s gonna take people like me, like a lot of other women out there, to make it easier for the next generation,” she added.


Earlier, Priyanka Chopra produced film Pahuna: The Little Visitors received a standing ovation at the Film Festival. She shared a video from the event on Instagram and praised the director of the film. “I’m very proud of my first time “female” director @paakhi for having the courage to not give up, when people didn’t believe this film could be made. Bravo for wanting to tell a beautiful story that may not be what people consider mainstream” she said.