Tyrannized Rohingya of Burma


Arooj Baig

Rohingya have been the victim of persecution due to the prejudiced and biased Buddhist who are playing bloodshed and has crossed the limit of barbarity on innocent Muslims. They are showing themselves more worst and horrifying than the beast of jungle just on the basis of racial, ethnic and religious differences.

Rohingya are to be said the epitome of pitiful and wretched for decades that have been suffering and bearing the pains by the wrathfulness and humiliations of barbarous Burmese. They have made their name in the history in sense of extreme cruelty and heinousness.

All the Muslim Ummah and whole world has felt the pain of this awful outrage and genocides against the Rohingya Muslim children, women and men. Very hideous situation is that Myanmar has given no place, identity and human rights to these oppressed and tyrannized Rohingya Muslim. How they are vomiting out these gruesome attacks on innocent population? Who are behind these Burmese to ignite them against Muslims? Who are making all these conspiracies to make uncertain and shake the Muslim Ummah? Rohingya is the most recent example of their malefic and vicious plans of anti-Muslim by these elements.

Retrospectively, if we glimpse back through the lines of history we will find any stance of peace and serenity for Rohingya. As they have been called the Bengali refugees who arrived in Burma during the period of British colonialism and no identity or state recognition have been given to them.  They have no citizenship right and are considered stateless. They are not given any legal, political or electoral rights even they are forced to live in camps and slums since the 17th century and till now.

The issue is to be elucidated that what are the ground realities and causes behind this persecution and ruthlessness in the Rohingya. The extremist elements of Buddhist population are far cry to have the sense of humanity who is playing genocide and brutality with the Muslims of Rohingya.

The head of Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi-the so called noble peace prize holder is still silent on this humiliation and aggression towards Muslims. She has no courage to stop this heinous outrage or it seems she has forgotten the definition of peace, on the turn when Rohingya Muslims are being murdered and assassinated by the extremist Buddhists on her order. As far as her Nobel peace prize is concerned it must be taken back as she does not deserve it being a vicious and weird lady. Who didn’t even show any mercy on this huge massacre of Rohingya Muslims.

This thing to be keenly pondered upon that this warfare and outrage is on the behalf of religious hatred or has the notion of some foreign conspiracy to pave the way to reach Rohingya in the name of war against terrorism to create further monopolies and impediments for the neighboring Muslim countries.

It’s since 1970s the millions of Muslim majority Burma fled to the neighboring countries by feeding off of their torture and cruelty. But the issue is also crucial on the side of Bangladesh as they do not tend to accept the refugees of Rohingya. Many of Rohingya are stuck between the border of Myanmar and Bangladesh due to the bad attitude of Bangladesh government. They are camping on the seashore between the borders and living their lives hardly on the painful thread of life and death.

This is very pitiful and pathetic that Muslims all over the world like Syria, Palestine, Iraq and Burma are under the crucial condition in sense of suffering humiliation and outrage since the decades. Genocides are being done on large scale. No any human rights commissions are raising their voice to say no to this barbarism except the Muslims.

On the other hand the surprising and profound silence of UNO and Human rights commissions are predicting some hidden conspiracies. The question arose the massacred people of Rohingya do not meet the standard of human beings? As these so called organizations are formed on the tenets of human rights. Are they blind to see the atrocities being done in Rohingya? The blindness and dumbness of all the human rights commissions and UNO towards this issue is quite aggravating and agonizing the entire Muslim Ummah.

One thing more to point out here that the Islamic Military Alliance (IMA) which was recently formed to counter the terrorisms not taking any action against this brutality of Burmese Buddhists against Muslims. These Alliance of 34 Muslim countries were only made for the purpose to cope with all type of terrorism and violence against Muslims. But they are still not cracking down against the Burmese.

One more considerable and as well as predicting point that these conspiracies can also be taken as and being laid to shatter and shaken the Pak-china relationship in a very subtle way. By aggravating and igniting the warfare between two religions followers, Buddhism and Islam. Now point to know is that china’s religion is Buddhism. The conspirators are putting both in front of each other to shatter the relationship of Pakistan and china. But china has proved itself very prudent and raised the voice in rights of Rohingya Muslims and warned the Burmese to stop the barbarity.

So, in a nut shell that this is multi-fold issue which is indicator of variegated aspects but this extremism and terrible ruthlessness of Burma against Muslims is uncompensated and unpardonable. They have proven no sense of mercy, peace and humanity at all. But I believe that this blood shed of Rohingya Muslims will led their so called peace fly away and will not remain without revenge on the same account. The Muslims’ turn is not so far to slaughter these heinous and wicked anti-Muslim elements.