Alia Bhatt could play her iconic role of Basanti in Sholay

“Alia Bhatt!” was yesteryear’s dream girl and politician Hema Malini’s response when she was asked who did she think could play her iconic role of Basanti in Sholay if the film was remade.

“I did that movie when I was very young. So, if I consider the age factor, it should be someone with a mischievous streak and I think Alia has that in her.

Her daughter Esha had her baby shower recently which was the talk of the town.

Esha is due to deliver in some time and Hema is looking forward to welcoming the new addition to her family. “If it’s a girl, I will teach her Bharatnatyam. If it’s a boy, he will have to learn the Georgian dance!”

Earlier, when the veteran actress was asked about her reaction when she found out about Esha’s pregnancy, she said, “I was waiting for that and sensed it was happening but I didn’t want to ask. Esha told me when the time comes I will tell you. I said fine, I will wait. But we were always praying for the best to happen so we are very excited about it! My daughter is staying with me and I am looking after her as a mother.”

In an earlier interview, Malini said her acting phase was no longer part of her life but if something interesting came up, she would definitely take that up.

“I think that phase of my life is over. Even people in parliament ask me whether I am working in films or not. I feel like doing a film, but I must get a proper story. I just can’t do any films which come my way,” she said.

“If anything similar to my role in Baghban or anything interesting comes my way then I will definitely work in films.”