There is ‘an office’ conspiring to influence the NAB

LAHORE:Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal said that it seems that parliament is being undermine by some institutions.  A powerful office conspiring to influence the NAb to use it against Sharif family.

Iqbal said that he is hopeful that the chief justice will fulfill the requirements of justice.

Iqbal then said that Pakistan made exceptional gains during the past four years, adding that today the country is peaceful.

While discussing the gains the country made during the past years, Iqbal said that the backbone of terrorism has been broken, except one or two incidents that happen from across the border.

Development projects worth billions are in progress in Balochistan, he said.

The interior minister paid tribute to World XI players who came to Pakistan in a bid to revive cricket here and took part in the Independence Cup.

“The successful PSL final was the impetus behind the international players’ motivation to come to Pakistan,” he said.

Ahsan congratulated the area residents over security arrangements and said that soon Karachi will also get security clearance to hold matches.