WhatsApp feature will be released soon on Android and iOS

If you have encountered sending embarrassing WhatsApp messages to friends, loved ones and family memebers and then waiting anxiously for their angry response, your might well be in for some relief next time.

The ‘Unsend’ feature is still in its testing phase and will be released soon on WhatsApp and Android. This might well be the most sort after feature released by WhatsApp yet. This feature will not only allow users to swipe away any WhatsApp messages that they wrongfully sent to their collegues and friends but allso give them the opportunity to delete messages they find embarrassing before the other person sees them.

However, a notification will be sent to the other person that a certain message has been deleted from the conversation. WABetaInfo leak has confirmed that WhatsApp is in the process of testing ‘Delete for Everyone feature’and will make it available for everyone soon. The Unsend feature will work on type of messages including texts,video, audio, gifs and pictures.

The rumors about the release of the Unsend feature were rife and they were confirmed after a code was leaked from WhatsApp, verifying that the company was trying to build the Unsend feature.

Fingers crossed for this new and helpful feature that mayhelp the absent minded millenials to find some respite. Although, they still have to give answers for thedelete notification that will be sent to the other person. Still better than the embarrasing text, isn’t it?