Bilal Lashari purchased rights of ” Maula Jutt” from Nasir Adeeb

ISLAMABAD .: Bilal Lashari the director of Maula Jutt 2 featuring Fawad Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi has finally purchased the rights of Maula Jutt from the original writer Nasir Adeeb.

Who knew that a small-town boy, hailing from a poverty-stricken family, travelled to Lahore, and tarried outside the very film-studio he wasn’t allowed to enter then, but comfortably seats himself now at, before speaking to me of his much-awaited return. Veteran writer Nasir Adeeb, who completes his 412th film in the coming year, happens to hold the record of being the only scriptwriter in the world to have so many releases to his credit.

Adeeb dreamt of becoming famous, and after having joined the armed forces, he was told that only a shaheed (martyr) is honoured with the ‘Nishaan-e-Haider’ (highest military award), and that’s not the kind of notability he had in mind. And so he very dramatically ran away, and after much struggle, applied to PTV and was accepted as the Assistant Programme Producer. But just then a film by his name was announced in Lahore, so he filed a court case, won and stepped foot in what was then, the magnificent Lollywood. In conversation with The Express Tribune, Nasir Adeeb dishes out his inspiring voyage into films and revisits his classic.

Most recently, Adeeb launched his autobiography titled Tareekhi Jumlay and already has two sold-out editions. He sees his documentation as a piece of writing that he owed to himself. “I spent three years reading and finding myself, and that’s when I came to know that there’re only four things that God has made Himself, the first being a pen,” he delineates, adding, “I literally had tears in my eyes when I read this because I consider myself very lucky, to have been blessed with the strength to write. On the Last Day, when I’m asked of what I made use of this ‘pen’ for myself, I’ll have my book.”