There is no shortage of petrol in the country: OCAC

KARACHI: Oil Companies Advisory Council (OCAC) Chief Executive Officer Ilyas Fazil said that country has adequate stock of petrol and there is no shortage of petrol.

 Total petrol stocks stand at 200,000 tonnes while another 220,000 tonnes of imported petrol is arriving in the next 10 days.

He said the public should rest assured that the country has adequate stocks and there is no shortage and no need for panic buying.

On reports of impending petrol shortage in some upcountry destinations especially Lahore, Mr Ilyas said these reports began last week and caused consumers to resort to panic buying at various outlets.

It was necessary to reassure the public that product movement to upcountry destinations from Karachi has been maximized, and that the situation is very much under control, he added.

Pakistan State Oil (PSO), in a statement, said the company has sufficient quantities of fuel and its depots are working round the clock to ensure an uninterrupted supply of products throughout the country.

There will be no shortage of petrol. The company is continuing to manage its imports and refinery purchases smoothly. PSO has already imported 170,000 tonnes of petrol. In addition to this 115,000 tonnes of MOGAS will be arriving within this month. This also includes a ship containing 57,000 tonnes arriving in the next one day.