CCRI advises farmers to pick clean cotton

MULTAN:  Central Cotton Research Institute (CCRI) Director Dr Zahid Mahmood advised farmers to pick clean cotton and keep it free from contamination during transportation to ginning factories to attract premium price from the market.

In a statement issued by the CCRI Multan spokesman, he said farmers should begin picking cotton when at least 50 per cent bolls were open and avoid picking in the presence of moisture in the cotton flower inside bolls.

Cotton from bolls affected by pink bollworm or diseases should be picked and kept separately. Half open bolls should not undergo picking process and farmers should begin picking at around 10am in the morning when cotton is dry after moisture is evaporated.

Farmers should avoid picking wet cotton as its colour changes during storage and its seed (Binola) can not be utilized to manufacture Ghee.

Farmers should maintain an interval of fifteen to twenty days between two pickings and avoid plucking leaf, other parts of plants and incomplete bolls.

The cotton fallen on ground should not be mixed with good quality cotton. The fibre from cotton obtained from the last picking is usually weaker in strength and be kept separately. Cotton of different varieties be also kept separately.

Cotton pickers should keep their heads covered during picking and picked cotton should not be placed at wet place but at some dry and clean place.

Moisture in cotton should not be more than 8.5 per cent at the time of picking. Picking should be done with both hands to collect clean cotton and to complete the job in the shortest possible time.