Trees are the jugular vein of life 


Advocate Latif Butt

Humanity is facing a great peril and this danger can destroy the word in no time, the “DEPLITIONS OF THE OZONE LAYER” is regarded now the most dangerous thing. According to experts this depletion is because of the global warming and global warming is related to environmental pollution. The major cause of environmental pollution is swift cutting of trees, smoke of factories and vehicles. These are becoming the cause of aggravating carbon dioxide (CO2) in the environment which is very dangerous for Human beings.

To comprehend the significance of the trees we must keep this fact into mind that trees are only source of oxygen and without oxygen humanity cannot survive and we are cutting this source with ever new day. According to experts there must be 25% of forest in the world to make balance of oxygen.it not only provide oxygen but also help in stopping in floods.in Pakistan the situation is worst, its only 8% is consisted on forests, it is not according to the international parameter of having  country of forests. Where we are facing this situation we are unaware of growing trees but we are cutting them swiftly.

Cutting trees mean we are fighting with nature which is synonym to invite devastation of the nature. Factories smokes and chemicals are also adding in the environmental pollution. And we are busy to destroy the same natural defense system by cutting trees.

On 5th June 1974 united nation decided to observe ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION DAY. since 1987 this day was observed in members’ countries with different slogens.in 1985 Pakistan celebrated this day and have tribute to observe this day. The campaign was initiated on the name of YOUTH, OUR POPULATION AND ENVIRONMENT. But need of time is every day must be celebrated as environment protection day if we want to safe our world.

In 1997 Pakistan did legislation on environmental protection. But it was just a black and white document which is not yet implemented. We have to improve our individual responsibility vision to cope with this danger. More trees must have to be grown in near future to cope with this jeopardy. We must have to abandoned excessive use of vehicles, polythene bags and other things which are cause of environmental pollution.

It is need of the time to protect environment for the next generations and left a legacy in which it is assured that nature is our only thing which is indispensible for survive of humanity.kpk government take concrete steps to and started a venture of growing 100 million trees which is a good step. But in whole Pakistan there must be such campaigns, otherwise floods, environmental pollution, diseases are awaiting for us in near future.

Writer is a practicing lawyer at Lahore High Court and studies Development Journalism student in PU mass communication dept. He tweets @m_latifbutt.