Pakistani Noble Laureate Malala attends her 1st lectures at Oxford

London: Pakistani Noble Laureate Malala Yousafzai attended her first lectures at Oxford University.

While expressing herself on Twitter, Malala writes that she was shot and injured five years ago to stop her from speaking out for girls education, but is now at Oxford for education.

Malala got accepted at Oxford in August to study philosophy, politics and economics.

“Congratulations! Your place at Oxford University 033 for Philosophy, Politics and Economics L0V0 has been confirmed,” the varsity stated, confirming her admission status.

The Nobel laureate was interviewed for admission earlier in the year. While speaking to the media then Malala had said her interview was not easy and like any other student she is anxiously waiting for the result.

An education activist, Malala survived a near-fatal attack by the Taliban in October 2012. She rose to international fame after emerging defiant from the assassination attempt on a school bus in Swat valley. While living under the Taliban rule, she wrote a blog under a pseudonym which featured her thoughts on girls education.